The Soul Speaks

A Beginners Guide to Writing

A Four Week Course To Connect with Your Soul and Write from the Heart

It's Time To Write!

You've been told you must write. But how? How do you even begin to write the story in your heart and soul? It feels so far away, and so overwhelming!

Where to Begin? Why, at the Beginning, of course!

In this class, we learn how to connect to the story in our souls, and how to connect to our Master Guide, whose sole job is to work with you to bring the story to life. We focus first on connecting to our souls and to the Master Guides. From there, and with their help, we decide what story we need to share. Each week, we have homework to strengthen that connection and to start the writing process. The last class is all about bringing the story to life!

Remember, you are not alone in this process. Each participant will be introduced to a Master Guide whose specialty is writing. This guide knows your soul, and knows your soul purpose.

Please note: We will not be focusing on the mechanics of writing, like grammar or syntax. That’s what editors are for! Do not let your perception of your writing skills stop you from pursuing what you must do, which is inspiring others with your words! We will be talking about how to get your story out in the last class.


Course Fee: $333 payable in two installments – $167 deposit, balance due on 5/25 (prior to Week 2 class)

Energy Clearing Meditation

Connecting with the Crystalline Grid

Connecting with Master Guide

Connect with Soul and Heart

Clear Blocks to Receiving


Week 1 Review

Crystalline Grid Exercises

Automatic Writing Exercises

Getting Clarity On Your Story

Stating Intention for Your Story

Week 2 Review

Now We Write!

Our last class is four weeks after Week 3, giving each participant time to connect and write. During this last class we talk about:


Publishing Options – Ebook and Print

Obtaining an ISBN

Book Formatting

Basic Marketing – Websites, Social Media, Press Releases

Next Steps

Wholesale Distribution

The current program is full. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the next program begins.

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