Usui/Crystalline Reiki

The Next Level of Reiki Healing

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

All classes are currently done via Zoom

Receiving a Reiki Activation will:

  • Open you to the Universal Life Force healing energy
  • Allow you to use Reiki to help heal yourself
  • Allow you to use Reiki to help heal others, including animals
  • Raise your vibration

Using Reiki to help heal yourself and others

When I began to use Reiki, I could feel it in my hands. They got tingly and hot. Then when I put my hands on my head, I could feel the energy going through my body. I was astounded and how wonderful I felt after a self-treatment. I decided I needed to introduce others to this powerful energy.

I began my Reiki practice and continued to receive other attunements. With each attunement, I felt the Reiki energy coming through my hands and body was getting stronger and stronger. I was becoming an incredible healer — rather the Reiki energy for which I was the conduit had incredible healing power. I was told by my Reiki Master guides that I needed to become a teacher so I could pass on this healing technique to others.

Why get trained in Reiki?

If you are already a healer, receiving a Reiki activation (formerly “attunement”) will allow you to use the Universal healing energy instead of your own! Using Reiki actually re-energizes you with this Life Force Energy as you are giving it to your client! Not very many healing modalities do this, so getting a Reiki activation is a great addition to your healing toolbox.

A Reiki activation also raises your vibration permanently to a higher level! The activation opens the Reiki channels in your body and allows you to connect to Source, God, the One, whatever you call that power greater than yourself, so you can get clearer answers.

If you do not consider yourself a healer, but would like to take your own health back and be more in control of what happens with and to your body, Reiki is a great place to start.

Usui/Crystalline Reiki

I teach Usui/Crystalline. This particular flavor of Reiki was given to me by the Reiki Guides and Masters. It combines the symbols taught by Dr. Mikao Usui and adds Crystalline energy, an incredibly powerful, healing energy that goes beyond where the standard symbols go, and into the realm of wholeness healing. It is extremely effective helping to heal past issues and trauma.

What was previously called “attunements” are now called “activations.” The process for activations is very different than for attunements, as the Master Teacher does not “do” the activation. It comes directly from Source energy.

I became an Usui Reiki Master Teacher after receiving four levels of training, and then received the “upgrade” to Usui/Crystalline Master Teacher. Because of the importance of Reiki energy and the evolution of the planet and its inhabitants (us!), I have kept the pricing for the training as low as I can.

Even if you do not have the desire right now to become a Reiki Master, at least take the Level 1/2 class combination. This will allow you to heal yourself and others, it will raise your vibration, and open you up spiritually.

Usui/Crystalline Reiki Classes

Class Fee: $430 $333 Levels 1 and 2 are taught together to give students the tools they need to use Reiki right away, and open a Reiki practice immediately if they choose to help heal others.

Class 1: You receive one healing symbol to use on yourself and others and open your healing channels You will be able to start your own Reiki healing practice after the first class!

Class 2: You receive two more healing symbols to help heal emotional/mental issues and to be able to do long distance healings. Your connection to Source increases exponentially with each symbol.

Class 3: Review, practice and answer questions

Class Fee: $425 $350

Receive the Usui Master Symbol, a very powerful symbol used to amplify Reiki energy, and how to send continuous Reiki energy via a World Peace Reiki Grid. You will also learn Advanced Reiki Techniques to amplify your healing abilities.

Current Bridge to Healing Psychic Center Reiki students receive a special discount for this class! Click here to request your discount code!

Class Fee: $800 $600

Many Reiki Master Teachers only offer classes for both Level 3 and Master Teacher. I have found not everyone wants to be a Master Teacher, so I teach these classes separately.

In this class, you will learn how to give Usui Reiki activations, and teach Usui/Crystalline Reiki classes, both in person and online. For more detailed information on becoming an Usui/Crystalline Master Teacher, click here!

Click here for the Crystalline Reiki Upgrade Class Information!

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