Learn to Connect to the Other Side

Mentor Program

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

Can anyone learn to connect to the other side?

We are all from Spirit. We are all part of that Source energy. So, yes, anyone can learn to connect to the other side. Whether it is to communicate with specific loved ones, or connect with your guides and helpers, this Learn to Connect system is proven to be effective to build the foundation required to learn these skills and tap into your innate abilities.

What is the Learn to Connect to the Other Side Mentor Program?

This is a six-month, intensive mentor program based on the Online Learn to Connect course created by Master Teachers on the other side. The purpose of this program is to have a mentor based experience as you are learning how to connect. This includes group discussions and one-on-one experiences each month. It is designed to set you up for success!

What's included in this program?

Lifetime Access to Learn to Connect Online Course – A $350 Value

This online course is designed to be completed in six months and is available 24/7 online. It includes:

24 written lessons with exercises
24 audio instruction files to walk you through the lessons
6 monthly meditations to help with the written exercises

For more information on this course, click here.

Monthly One-on-Ones:

We will meet each month for a half hour during the week to discuss your progress and ask your Master Teachers what you specifically need to do to enhance your abilities to receive from the other side. You will receive additional homework at these sessions to compliment the homework already included in the weekly program exercises.

Monthly Group Discussion via Zoom:

We will meet each month as a group to discuss the exercises, challenges and share experiences. There will also be special learning exercises included in each group meeting. These are currently scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month beginning Sunday, August 18th.

Program Time Commitment

You will need about two hours each week to complete the assignments and work on the exercises. It is also recommended that you meditate each day if possible. You can fit this in anytime during the day/night that works for you. The group meeting is two hours. The monthly one-on-one is a half hour.


The monthly investment for this program is $200 per month for six months, or a total of $1200. This is an automatic payment set up through a payment processor. There is a payment plan option to break this out to two $100 payments each month if preferred. You can cancel prior to the end of the six months, but doing so will remove access to the Learn to Connect Online Course. The full six months must be completed to have lifetime access to this course.

The first 10 participants will receive $150 off the investment fee! $175 per month instead of $200!

Payment Plans Available: Please contact us if you need two payments each month instead of one.

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