Psychic Medium Mentorship Program

For All Levels

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

We are all psychics and mediums! We all read energy and we all receive information. What we do with this information can make such a difference in the lives we lead.

We work with your guides and our Master Teaching Guides to get you on your path. We concentrate on your natural abilities (again, we all have them!) and hone your skills. From there, we stretch your psychic and mediumship muscles, and keep building up the foundation. All the while, you are gaining confidence and adding tools to your spiritual toolbox.

The following is included in the Psychic Medium Mentorship Training:

Monthly One-on-One

Each month, you will receive one-on-one training with your Master Teachers. We will ask them and our teaching guides what you need to do for the month, as well as answer any questions you might have about your progress/path. This meeting lasts approximately a half hour.

Opportunities to Practice with Others

There are always safe, trusted volunteers and other students who would love the opportunity to receive practice readings. This is a wonderful way to get real world experience in giving readings to others.

Top Tips for Exceptional Readings

You will also learn the top tips for exceptional readings, how to phrase questions to get accurate answers, tools to enhance connection and communication, and how to build your confidence so you know you receiving from the highest source.

All Levels Welcome!

This program is designed for all levels – beginners to advanced. It is tailored to what you specifically need to become a master messenger!

If this training is calling to you, you can schedule your first session below! If you have not had a training session with us yet to evaluate your abilities, please go to the link for the Psychic Evaluation first. If you have already had training with us, please choose the Psychic Medium Mentorship session below.

Be sure to select the correct time zone when you schedule your session!

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