Private Training Program

The energy on the planet right now is quite intense, as you have probably noticed! With this intensity comes an awakening of who we are, and a push to expand our awareness and our energy to better fit our purpose.

In the past, we have relied on group training classes to learn these crucial lessons – How to survive as an empath in the world today, How to ask for assistance from our Divine Helpers, How to communicate with those on the other side.

Today, we are given a new plan – the Private Training Program, for anyone who wants training, anywhere — one on one with an instructor.

Many of our current classes are now offered as Private Training Sessions via video conference or in person. And each session has a follow up session to answer any questions and continue your learning journey.

So now you can take your soul to the next level without having to wait for a particular class to be scheduled! You schedule it when it is convenient for you!

Schedule your Private Training Session below!

The world of Training just opened up in a huge way! It’s time to take the next step and answer the calling of your soul! We are here to help you fly higher than you ever imagined!

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