Mid Year Review – Zoom Workshop

Wow, 2020 is definitely not what we expected! For many of us, our goals and intentions have had to shift dramatically. First and foremost know, you are taken care of and loved. Secondly, let’s see what needs to shift to bring in what you still want for 2020!

This Zoom workshop includes:

  • A guided meditation to connect you to your High Council, those energies who know what you asked to accomplish in your life
  • Intention exercises to help reformulate what you need for the rest of the year
  • Action steps for you to get the job done!

Regardless of what you see around you, your soul is still making progress in what you are learning and doing. Your amazing helpers want you to see this for yourself, and step back into the driver’s seat!

Hope you can join us for this transformative workshop!

Special Offering!

Registration: ONLY $15!

When: Wednesday, July 1st – 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

You must pre-register to participate

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