Introduction to Guides and Angels

Your Infinite Support System

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

Do you ever wonder who is watching over you? Who is helping you with your earthly plan? In this teleconference, we will discuss guides and angels, the different jobs each of them have, and do a short meditation to help you connect with your guides and angels! This is a must class for anyone who wants to get connected to their Heavenly Helpers, and who is ready to begin a new chapter of their journey. It is a great first step to connection and receiving assistance from your Divine Helpers!

We have incredible Heavenly Helpers who assist us every day! They are our guardians who keep us out of harm’s way when we did not ask for an experience. They are our angels who help us find our lost keys and get to work on time. They are our guides who diligently work to keep us on path and “nudge” us when we have strayed.

Connection with our angels and guides can make such a difference in our experience here. We can ask for help, ask for direction and the brightest path, and which people might be best to have in our lives, and those who might be in our way.

During this Introduction to Guides and Angels, you will be introduced your Helpers and given instruction on how to hone that connection so you can begin to receive answers for your highest good.

This course is currently full. Please click below to express interest in future classes!

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