Clear and Seal Your Space and Personal Energy

Clearing and Raising Vibration

The first rule of clearing and sealing your space is to believe you have the power to do so! So many of us were raised to believe we did not have the power. Others had it, but we didn’t. In the beginning, I also didn’t understand this power, or how to access it. The clearing methods below use angelic energies to assist with this. As you become more confident in your “power,” you will find you can clear and seal spaces with just your intention.

We are the Divine Light, and we do have the power to manifest and intend, and we also have the power to say what is allowed in our space. The phrase I use is “Only high vibration is allowed in my space!” and “Only energies for my highest good are allowed in my space.” By making these statements, you set the intention for what is, and what is not allowed around you.

Again, there are so many ways to do this clearing. I use Archangel Michael because this method is extremely effective and simple. Archangel Michael is a very high frequency energy. I call him the Cosmic Bouncer, because it is his job to help lightworkers like us feel empowered and protected. His energy is fierce, yet loving. Ask him to come into your space and sense into his incredible energy.

The first thing to do is take a few deep breaths. Center yourself and open up to the Divine. Then say this prayer:

Dear Archangel Michael, please vacuum out my house, each and every room, removing any energies that are not for our highest and purest good, or our Divine purpose. Please use the high setting and replace any energy with your light and love. Thank you so much.

You will sense a lift of energy in your house after you do this. If you wish to seal your house so only high vibrational energies are allowed through the door, say this prayer:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please seal this house, doors, windows, ceiling, floor, wall to wall so only high vibration is allowed inside. All other vibrations must stay outside this house. Thank you so much!”

Once you feel the process is complete, say this prayer:

Dear Archangel Michael, please vacuum any energies out of my body, my aura, my energy fields and centers that are not for my highest and purest good or for my Divine purpose. Please use the (high/medium/low*) setting and replace any energies with your light and love. Thank you so much.

*The settings are how slowly or quickly Archangel Michael removes the energies. Play with it and see what fits for you.

You should feel lighter after this is done.

You can do this anytime you feel you might have picked up some lower energy somewhere, and for your house whenever you feel it needs it.

As you walk through this program, you will need to know what you say goes. If you say, “Only high vibration is allowed around me,” that is what will happen. I also suggest you ask AA Michael to assist you with this:

Dear Archangel Michael, please be my protector from this day forward. Surround me with your love and light and allow only high vibrational energies to be close to me. Thank you so much!

That’s it! If you ever feel any fear around anything, call to Archangel Michael, and he will be there.

A note about this last part, you might still feel lower vibrational energies around you since we do still live in the third dimension. Archangel Michael protects them from attaching to you (unless you allow this), but he cannot keep them out of your existence.

The more you raise your vibration, though, the more higher vibrations will surround you and the lower vibrations will seem farther away. So keep those vibrations high!

Lavender (calming) 20 drops
Palo Santo or Sage (clearing) 15 drops
Grapefruit (uplifting) 25 drops
Frankincense (spiritual awareness) 5 drops
Put essential oils in a 2oz spray bottle first, then fill with purified water. Shake vigorously. Spray to test, then add more of whichever oil to your personal taste. Use to clear energy from rooms, yourself, etc. Keep a bottle in your purse or car, too!

Make sure the essential oils you are using are pure and not processed. The distillation method should be with water, not lye. I use Young Living oils for my work, but there are other wonderful pure oils that work also.

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